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RED BUDDHA feat. Lenny Mac Dowell

First Album:
„Tibet Trance“
Black Flame 88012

„Tibet Trance“ is the name of the latest release from the formation RED BUDDHA feat. the flute player Lenny Mac Dowell.

The album is also a homage to Tibet and its people. Original voices and sounds from the Tibetan Monastaries are mixed with Trance grooves. This album invites listeners to take part of the spiritual emotions created by various flutes, grooves and electronic elements.

Music inspired by the „roof of the world“ taking you into a deep emotional world of feelings, which we are continuously confronted with when watching coverages about this country on TV. Most of us haven’t had a chance to visit Tibet and yet alsmost everybody feels somekind of bond towards this beautiful, but also mysterious country.

For many years people all over the world have supported the campaigne to free Tibet and, eventhough it seems to have no results, we should never give up believing that together, we can change something.

Red Buddha
Black Flame 88212

Red Buddha – producer, musician and DJ – musical globetrotter is releasing his second album with “Siddhartha In Space”, after his successful debut-album “Tibet Trance” (BF 39850272).

The title of the album also defines the musical route. Modern arrangements and traditional instruments are being united. The globalization of music styles has been taking place, frontiers are torn down and multiple musical facets from Asian and Far Eastern areas are melted together. From this mix, arises the exotic modern attraction, colorful, brilliant, similar to the modern fashion.

Red Buddha is not shy in reciting passages from the Indian poet Kabir (Track “Raja-Raja”) and underlining these words with groovy rhythms. The multiple richness of instruments from regions like India and Asia are inexhaustible creative and amount to an enormous band width of sounds on “Siddhartha In Space”.

Besides the computer programming sequenzes, many musicians and singers from India, Iran, Japan, Taiwan and Turkey are part of this interesting production, giving it a touch of uniqueness. The Iranian string instrument Santoor, played by grand-master Bahramji Pourmand (CD “Call Of The Mystic” BF 39850732) and normally only heard in classical traditional concerts, arouses great mystic. Sitar, Veena and Erhu, instruments unusually for such a surrounding are awakend to new life. Voices and vocal shreds of featured artists become part of the sound trip in space. “Siddhartha” stands above all and calls forth peace and deepth of this production. “Siddhartha” is the travel guide and takes the listener on a journey of mind created pictures to the music. Music that tells a story of Far Eastern countries.

Most of the tracks of this production were used in the Blue Flame DVD series “Global Vision” for the releases Asia Vol. 1, Africa Vol. 1, Orient and Rajasthan.

Tracklist: 01 Raja-Raja feat. Kabir 05:45 // 02 Veen Bhangra 04:25 // 03 Isfahan feat. Nasrin & Voyage 05:46 // 04 Hawa Mahal feat. Bahramji 06.46 // 05 Flavored Atmosphere 06:26 // 06 Evening Celebration 06:11 // 07 Siddhartha In Space 05:47 // 08 Mystical Tribe feat. Bahramji 06:29 // 09 The Spirit Of Ladakh 06:45 // 10 Desert Thar 05:05 // 11 Al Rashid 07:31 // 12 Bororo’s Dance 07:45

Also available: Tibet Trance (BF88012)

With his new album „Raindance“, Red Buddha leaves his usual Indian sound behind and moves into the world of African sounds. By using original ethnical music from Africa enriching it with electronic elements he transports them into the Western culture. The created music lets the listener experience in wonderful ways myths and stories of distant cultures.

„China Exotic“
Red Buddha
Black Flame 88582
(Release: 12.12.2008)
„China Exotic“ – Red Buddha`s latest production, is a homage to China’s most popular instrument of the „Erhu“. 
A string instrument full of energy and melody. In addition to modern Western grooves and beats Red Buddha produced and wrote these tracks especially for the ZDF TV series „Global Vision – China Vol 1″. 

Titles such as White Bamboo, Ground Opera, Forbidden City or even Tongli Water Garden, Stone Buddha with the Lind Wong Ensemble, give this production an authentic contemporary musical felling from China. 

“China Exotic“ reflects the complexity of China and is thus another musical journey through the exotic of China.

Tracklist: 01 White Bamboo – Red Buddha 06:57 // 02 Ground Opera – Red Buddha 08:46 // 03 Stone Buddha – Red Buddha & Linda Wong Ensemble 08:58 // 04 Tongli Water Garden – Red Buddha & Linda Wong Ensemble 07:23 // 05 Forbidden City – Red Buddha 08:39 // 06 Lusheng – Red Buddha 08:32 // 07 Dream of the River – Red Buddha & Linda Wong Ensemble 08:44 // 08 Night in Shanghai – Red Buddha 08:48 // 09 Meditation See – Red Buddha 06:22

DJ Red Buddha
„Create the Future“

With „Create the future“, the musician, DJ and music producer Red Buddha releases his 10rd album. Red Buddha proves once more that he has the feel for many Beats, Grooves ,Samples ethnical music-genres and knows to use these skilfully on this new release.

The difference between “Create the future” and his previous releases is that Red Buddha also uses House sounds, combined with electronic elements creating the musical base. Red Buddha worked on this production during the summer of 2018. His inspiration was rooted in the many journeys, particularly to Ibiza,Spain where the album was produced. Thus Red Buddha began to transport the various house and dance impressions of these cultures into his own western culture. During the process of constant change and revision, he created the suitable surrounding field for all the auditory impressions, interpreted them newly and completed the composition. It is important to Red Buddha to leave the instruments authentically and unaffected to give atmosphere the room it needs to unfold.

Electronic house lines are marvellously underlined by Guitar, Keyboards, Samples Flutes and rhythmically swelling percussion sounds of Djembes, Tablas, Bongos and Kongas. Around these rhythm-giving instruments climb melodious traditional string instruments of different cultures.

Latest Album: „Oriental Breeze“ 2021


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