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Tibet Trance

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Tibet Trance“ is the name of the first release from the formation RED BUDDHA feat. the flute player Lenny Mac Dowell.

The album is also a homage to Tibet and its people. Original voices and sounds from the Tibetan Monastaries are mixed with Trance grooves. This album invites listeners to take part of the spiritual emotions created by various flutes, grooves and electronic elements.

Music inspired by the „roof of the world“ taking you into a deep emotional world of feelings, which we are continuously confronted with when watching coverages about this country on TV. Most of us haven’t had a chance to visit Tibet and yet alsmost everybody feels somekind of bond towards this beautiful, but also mysterious country.

For many years people all over the world have supported the campaigne to free Tibet and, eventhough it seems to have no results, we should never give up believing that together, we can change something.